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The Natural Way to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul


OfferingPeople a Natural Way to Heal

The Healing Path, LLC provides Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing services to customers in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri area.

How Our Business Started

About 32 years ago, our company owner, Kim Orphan, embarked on a spiritual journey. It included a search for healthy alternative treatments and therapies for a back and neck injury. For the most part, these included healthier diet choices, chiropractic care, electric stimulation (e-stim), massage therapy, and low-impact exercise like yoga.

How Our Business Started

It wasn’t until her beloved horse, Sunny, became gravely ill and was not responding to traditional medical care that she was introduced to energy work, specifically Reiki. Her finances were already tapped out because of the medical care that she was providing  her horse. She didn’t have enough money to add another modality, but her interest in Reiki was piqued.

When her cat was diagnosed with kidney disease three years later, she decided that she needed to be attuned to Reiki. Kim wanted to channel Reiki energy to her pet herself while, at the same time, pursuing traditional care.

Kim has recently added crystal energy work to her practice. Having always been fascinated by the beauty of crystals, she was so excited to learn that they have a great capacity to correct energy blockages and issues.

In her spare time, Kim works as a flight attendant for a major US carrier. She is also an animal rights activist.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our goal to help customers heal through the natural and safe method of Reiki and crystal healing and to promote alternative modes of healing. We do not see fellow practitioners as competitors, only as peers with a similar mission.

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